“the staff at Eternity are so caring about results”
“You never feel pressured”
“they take time to educate you”
“The laser they use is amazing”

Thank you so much for your support.  My skin looks and feels great.

Attached is a review and a couple of photos of myself for you to use however you’d like.
I’ll be in touch soon to schedule another appointment.  Thanks!

Adrianne Caruso Mrs. Galaxy 2010

Im a 53 year old housewife that has no illusions that Im going to have a second career as a supermodel. I wanted desperatly to not look so tired and finally had time to take care of my skin, thinking it was to late. Walked into my first visit saw the women, they were gorgeous, and wanted to back out quietly thinking not the place for me! I was wrong they are very down to earth lovely people. I have had Smart Lipo under my chin and several other procedures. Never pressured just well informed. Always want to stay and visit.
K.T. St. Louis MO

Several months ago (in the summer), I sustained a few burns on my face / chin area. Michelle told me about the Laser Genesis treatment. I took her advice and began treatments every 2 weeks. After just a few months of treatments, the burn ‘hole’s on my face have been almost 100% filled in by the skin regeneration caused by the treatment. Furthermore, the pigment of the skin in the burn areas has changed to match that of my natural skin tone by about 95%. I’m confident with just a few more treatments, it will be fully restored and I am ECSTATIC about it! And as an added benefit, the skin area being treated seems to have given me a more ‘tight’ and youthful looking skin surface. I plan on beginning treatment for my whole face as it seems to have an anti-aging / skin healing effect and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the treatment. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with these issues or concerns. Thanks Michelle and the Eternity staff!!!
C. Boylan St. Louis MO