Body Wrap

body-wrapThe Slenderquest® Body Wrap System is a spa and health clinic system that uses time-tested masking and wrapping techniques to alter body shape. It works by manipulating pressure on the body, compressing fatty tissue, toning muscle and tightening the skin. Slenderquest® incorporates natural, organic materials to create a longer-lasting and more effective transformation.

What Can SlenderQuest® Do For Me?

The Slenderquest® Body Wrap System is able to give patients the kind of shape and skin health they desire through a simple, painless and non-invasive process. Body wraps have been around, in one form or another, for centuries and the Slenderquest® Body Wrap System represents the natural evolution of this time-honoured practice.

By combining both the pressure of wraps and the detoxifying, stimulating effects of amino nutrients, Slenderquest® is able to work on a deeply effective level. The ultimate result is one that leaves the patient looking and feeling great, free of some excess weight and toxins that have accumulated over time.

While exercise isn’t required in order to enjoy the benefits of the Slenderquest® Body Wrap System, using it in partnership with a healthy diet and an appropriate level of activity does make effects last longer. Avoiding “junk food” like sugary, salty or fried foods (and caffeine and alcohol) will also allow your body to more completely rid itself of toxins throughout the Slenderquest® detoxification process.

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